NBLC is pleased to have played a leadership role in getting the California Community College Student Success Act of 2012 signed into law!

The California Community College Student Success Act of 2012  has been signed by Governor Brown into law. The Governor’s signature puts student success at community colleges front and center and makes students, the colleges and the state all accountable for that success. This major victory for students, similar to the passage of legislation in 2010, gives us hope that despite this fiscally constrained environment, students can effectively and efficiently get through community college and be ready for the workforce.

SB 1456, the Student Success Act authored by Senator Alan Lowenthal, contains common sense reforms. Under the bill, ALL students will receive the guidance they need to be successful through required orientation and education plans. In a historic move toward equity, colleges will be required to publicly report progress of all students broken down by race and socio-economic status. And, finally, students will have to maintain satisfactory academic performance in order to be eligible for fee waivers.

NBLC looks forward to monitoring the ongoing implementation to help ensure that the process is equitable, meaningful, and prompt.

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