Please Sign The Petition to Get The Richmond Bridge Moving

NBLC has been working for months as part of the Common Sense Transportation Coalition advocating for the reopening of the third lane on the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. Thanks to many voices and critical support, the MTC (Metropolitan Transportation Commission) has agreed to consider a new proposal for the bike lane on the upper deck of the bridge!

On May 8, the BATA (Bay Area Transit Authority) committee will meet with the MTC to discuss a proposal for the bike lane on the westbound portion of the bridge to be closed Mondays to Thursdays.

Please sign the petition above and send to your employees!!

We think this is a strong start, but it is NOT a guaranteed plan.

The MTC faces fierce opposition from several Bay Area bike coalitions regarding this proposal. We must show the commissioners we stand with them on this COMMON SENSE solution! 

We live and work in the affected communities. We know the stop-and-go traffic nightmare. We experience the stressors of the increasing commute times, and must stand up for disadvantaged workers with no other commute option.

Act now and sign the petition. Simply add your name and address and we will send it to the right lawmaker. Your message goes directly to these decision markers and has the power to create positive change for everyone.

You can even record a video message and make an even greater impact by sharing your personal story! Be sure to introduce yourself and explain why you support our efforts to get the Richmond Bridge moving for East Bay commuters. Click the SIGN THE PETITION block above.

In partnership with the
Common Sense Transportation Coalition