1 in 4 COVID Patients in it for Long Haul. That’s Worrying North Bay Employers

In “1 in 4 COVID Patients in it for Long Haul. That’s Worrying North Bay Employers” by Susan Wood (Link), Wood says, “Calvin Sandeen got COVID-19 and is still living with it.”

Wood goes on to explain, “The Forestville resident wonders when he gets the common cold now whether the muscle aches that go with it will turn into joint pain from the virus. He wonders whether a slight headache will turn into a migraine, his most common symptom after contracting COVID-19.”

Wood says, “Vaccinated and athletic, the Sonoma County Economic Development broadband analyst is considered a “long hauler,” someone who continues to suffer the effects of the virus after the initial infection. Health experts say these long haulers endure symptoms for an average of four to six months after contracting COVID-19.”

Wood goes on to quote, “’It’s still early to tell, but my hunch is it seems logical to assume there will be some long-haul impacts, with some burden on our health care system,’ Sonoma State University economics professor Robert Eyler said.”

Wood also quotes, “’As we move from a pandemic to an endemic, this is a huge question when we have millions more disabled people. We’re going to need to increase medical care, and they’ll need support,’ North Bay Leadership Council CEO Cynthia Murray said.”


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