Power Shift, Why Workers Next Year Might Have the Upper Hand

In “Power shift, why workers next year might have the upper hand” by Kathryn Reed (Link), Reed says, “Money, the traditional incentive to attract and retain workers, is no longer enough. Employees want more than cash.”’

Reed says, “They seek flexibility with their schedule, they want bosses who care about them as a person and not merely as a worker, they crave being valued, and to join a workplace culture that is human driven and not profit centric.”

Reed goes on to quote, “Cynthia Murray, president/CEO of North Bay Leadership Council, told the Business Journal, ‘What we saw and heard from employers is that there is an increasing concern about the struggle to fill jobs. It is resulting in the need to recognize workers have more bargaining power and employers need to make some adjustments.’”

For the full article, follow the link below.


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