Remember to Vote: North Bay Leadership Council Announces Endorsements for November Election

NBLC is taking positions on local ballot measures and two statewide propositions.

NBLC is part of the 2020 Tax Moratorium Coalition.  We urge you to vote No on ALL tax measures on the ballot for the November election.  In this time of uncertainty and chaos, we know two things for certain: people and businesses need help, especially financially, now; and adding to their burden with taxes of any kind is not the help they need.

It is time to take a tactical pause, and assess the changes wrought by the pandemic and the recession including record high unemployment, many businesses failing and major declines in GDP.  Like us, government needs to tighten its belt, adjust their spending, and not ask for more taxes without knowing how much taxpayer assistance will be required to fund key governmental priorities going forward. There is a finite capacity to pay taxes. Let’s make sure we are being strategic in using our tax dollars by wise spending and rational planning for needs revealed when the dust settles from this crisis.

Our opposition is not targeted at individual ballot measures – we oppose ALL of them. We believe that 2020 is the wrong time to ask the voters for more money. Any additional taxes or extension of taxes should be considered when our economy is better and we have more certainty about the way forward. We are standing strong on our position to protect businesses, farmers, senior citizens, furloughed workers, students and families who are already struggling to meet their basic needs.

When we say, “No, Not Now!” we hear strong agreement that our community needs continued relief for those most impacted by COVID-19, not additional financial burdens brought on by tax measures that either establish or extend taxes.  Elected officials should stop levying taxes that may tip the scales to push people into poverty and cause more businesses and nonprofits to close forever, creating job loss and higher unemployment.

Please vote NO on ALL tax measures.  For more information, go to

Please Vote on NO on ALL of the following:


Prop 15 – Taxes such properties based on current market value, instead of purchase price. Fiscal Impact: Increased property taxes on commercial properties worth more than $3 million providing $6.5 billion to $11.5 billion in new funding to local governments and schools.

Prop 21 – Allows local governments to establish rent control on residential properties over 15 years old. Local limits on rate increases may differ from statewide limit. Fiscal Impact: Overall, a potential reduction in state and local revenues in the high tens of millions of dollars per year over time. Depending on actions by local communities, revenue losses could be less or more. Will reduce new housing construction when more housing is desperately needed.

Sonoma County:

County of Sonoma- Measure DD – Mental Health, Addiction, and Homeless Service Sales Tax- A new 1/4 cent tax for 10 years (2021 – 2031), costing taxpayers $260 million.

County of Sonoma- Measure OGo Sonoma Transportation Sales Tax Measure:  A new 1/4 cent sales tax for 20 years (2025 – 2045), costing taxpayers $520 million.

Cloverdale, Measure R – 3% utility users’ tax– Current 3% utility users’ tax is scheduled to end in 2023. The proposed measure strikes the current end date and allows this tax to continue forever.

Cotati, Measure S – 1 cent sales tax– Current 1 cent sales tax set to end in 2023. The proposed measure strikes the current end date and allows this tax to continue forever.

Healdsburg, Measure T – 1/2 cent sales tax– Current 1/2 cent sales tax set to end in 2023. The proposed measure strikes the current end date and allows this tax to continue forever.

Petaluma, Measure U – 1 cent sales tax– A new 1 cent sales tax with no end date, allowing it to continue forever.

Santa Rosa, Measure Q – 1/2 cent sales tax- A new 1/2 cent sales tax until 2031. Combines two existing 1/4 cent sales taxes that aren’t set to end until 2025 and 2027.

Sonoma, Measure V – 1/2 cent sales tax– Current 1/2 cent sales tax set to end in 2022. The proposed measure strikes the current end date and allows this tax to continue forever.

Marin County:

City of San Rafael, MEASURE R: San Rafael Emergency Preparedness and Essential Services Protection Measure.  LOCAL SALES AND USE TAX MEASURE – INCREASE BY 1/4% for 9 years.

Please Vote YES on:

Petaluma Health Care District, Measure CC – To assure continued operation of Petaluma Valley Hospital as an acute care hospital with 24/7 walk-in basic emergency care for a minimum of 20 years, shall the Petaluma Health Care District enter into an agreement to sell Petaluma Valley Hospital to NorCal HealthConnect, LLC, a secular affiliate of Providence St. Joseph Health, for $52.6 million, per the terms approved by Resolution 20-05 adopted August 6, 2020.

North Bay Leadership Council is pleased to endorse the following candidates for their respective offices as follows.  We are supporting these candidates because they have shown as incumbents, or in their responses, that they are balanced in their approach to the issues, not beholding to any special interest group, and committed to economic vitality and more housing.  Many of the incumbents are now running in district elections for the first time which adds a new dimension to their races.

Candidate Endorsements

Santa Rosa City Council:

Chris Rogers, District 5

Eric Christensen, District 7


Rohnert Park:

Jake Mackenzie, District 4


San Rafael:


Kate Colin – for all of San Rafael


City Council:

John Gamblin, District 4

Maika Llorens Gulati, District 1


Santa Rosa Junior College Board:

Kerry Rego


Marin Community College Board:

Phil Kranenburg

Eva Long

Stephanie O’Brien

Stuart Tanenberg

Please make sure that you are registered to vote and vote early this year.  This may be the most important election of our time and a high voter turnout is imperative to ensure that the voice of the voters is heard loud and clear.  If you are voting by mail, remember to mail your ballot very early so the slowdowns in mail delivery do not delay your ballot being received by the Registrar of Voters in a timely manner.  Your vote counts this year more than ever!


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