North Bay Leadership Council Supports State Transportation Improvement Package

PETALUMA, CA — North Bay Leadership Council (NBLC) President and CEO Cynthia Murray announced NBLC’s strong support for the $5.2 billion transportation and road repair investment package agreed by the Governor and legislative leaders:

“One of the state’s most important assets is its transportation infrastructure.  The state’s economic competitiveness will be enhanced by passing this bill which funds long deferred road maintenance and improves the mobility of people and goods.   North Bay Leadership Council (NBLC) recognizes the need for new revenue sources to fund making roadways safer, reducing commutes, increasing transit use and lessening pollution.  The heavy traffic in the North Bay impairs companies’ ability to attract and retain talent, increases costs of doing business and decreases productivity.”

“NBLC strongly urges our elected state representatives to support this bill.  It is not easy to raise taxes, but in this case, not doing so, will be a failure of leadership. We can’t afford the growing costs of repairs of the crumbling infrastructure and need to keep people and goods moving for a healthier economy and environment.  NBLC stands ready to partner with the Governor and the Legislature to get this much needed, and long overdue, bill passed.”

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