North Bay Leadership Council Focuses on Climate Change

As we end February, current events make it evident that the year ahead will be filled with turbulence, change and challenge.  In this issue, we tackle one of the most compelling challenges, not just of 2019, but of this century:  climate change and how we prepare and adapt for all that it promises to impact in our lives, economy and environment.  We are getting more data from scientists that action needs to be taken now as the accelerated timeline requires our urgent attention.  Please read this issue for a deep dive into what we know, what we can do now and going forward, and the need to build strong coalitions to make change happen to minimize the damage of inaction.

Climate change adaption can be a unifying force to bring all the factors that matter into a collective response.  We need to look with a new lens that provides a cohesive, integrated approach to ensure that what matters lasts and thrives. New construction, infrastructure improvements, the future of work, healthcare, equity, energy and emergency preparedness all must be guided by the imperative of addressing climate change.

NBLC looks forward to being a part of that coalition and working together to ensure the future prosperity and resiliency of the North Bay!

To read our most recent newsletter on climate change go here: Link

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