Original Research to Gain Economic Insight

NBLC continues its research series, Economic Insight Reports, in order to inform the public on policy issues that are challenging the region:

  • Changing Government to Fit New Realities
  • College and Career Readiness: Should College Prep-For-All Be the Default Curriculum?
  • How to Make the North Bay a Jobs Magnet
  • Economic Impacts of AB32 Implementation on North Bay Business
  • Business Location Trends: Whose Coming to, Staying in and Leaving the North Bay
  • The Economic Impacts of a Water Shortage
  • The Changing Demographics of the North Bay

Good Relations with Elected and Appointed Officials:

NBLC hosts an annual Legislative Advocacy Day in Sacramento and holds regular Good Government Get-Togethers (GGGs) to help build relationships between its members and elected and appointed officials to further understanding and cooperation. NBLC endorses candidates and ballot measures that represent the goals and values of our organization. NBLC has two Political Action Committees that contribute to candidates and measures that have won our support.

NBLC Signature Events:

  • Economic Insight Conference
  • Leaders of the North Bay Awards Luncheon

Proactive on Public Policy Issues:

In Education, NBLC:

  • Launched its first Algebra Academy in Novato in August with others slated for the major cities in the North Bay next summer. This is a public/private partnership between NBLC member organizations, Novato Unified School District and public agencies.
  • Bolstered its support for Early Child programs as a key initiative by working with United Way on their Schools of Hope program to bring more children up to 3rd grade reading level in Santa Rosa and Petaluma. NBLC also serves on the First Five-Sonoma County Commission.
  • Works with the Buck Institute on Age Research to produce the North Bay Science Festival, including the Science Fair at Infineon Raceway on November 5th.
  • Lobbied for Federal funding of Early Child programs in Washington, D.C.
  • Identified education achievement gaps in Latino students and is working with other groups to help English learners become more proficient and college ready.
  • Provides mentoring and internship opportunities for North Bay college students.
  • Is collaborating in creating the first College Promise program in Sonoma County.
  • Is active in the Partnership for Children and its Children’s Advocacy committee.

In Economic Competitiveness, NBLC:

  • Co-hosts numerous conferences and workshops on economic competitiveness and leadership
  • Sits on the North Bay iHub board of directors as well as on the Executive Committee for the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute; serves on the Santa Rosa Economic
  • Competitiveness Task Force, the Marin Economic Forum Advisory Council, Bay Area Business Council and the REAL Coalition.
  • Continues to support the North Bay Jobs & Prosperity Project.
  • Convenes the heads of the business organizations in Marin County and Sonoma County to exchange ideas about creating jobs and improving the local economy.

In Transportation, NBLC:

  • Continues to partner with SMART to bring this much needed green transportation improvement to fruition, reflecting our commitment to a rail and pathway alternative as demonstrated when NBLC led the campaign to pass Measure Q, the SMART ballot measure in 2008.
  • Fights for funding to complete the carpool lanes on Highway 101 by working with elected officials and other interested parties. NBLC has long supported widening the freeway, including successfully winning $82 million for the Narrows project and $20 million to add a second connector lane to the 580/101 interchange from the California Transportation Commission (CTC). We continue to partner with the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) and Sonoma County Transportation Authority to lobby for funding. NBLC co-hosted a reception for the California Transportation Commission when they met in Sonoma County in September.
  • Supported TAM and SCTA’s efforts to pass the Vehicle License Fee Increase ballot measures.
  • Fought the effort to make Doyle Drive a toll road which would have adversely impacted North Bay commuters.

In Government and Public Pension Reform, NBLC:

  • Seeks public pension reform as a first step to making government more sustainable. NBLC’s Economic Insight Conference on “Changing Government to Fit New Realities” provided ways for government to rein in costs and become more cost-effective through public/private partnerships, cross-jurisdictional sharing of functions, contracting out, consolidations, and other ways.
  • Informed legislators and staff of key policy positions and explored ways to work together where there is common ground on our Legislative Advocacy Day in Sacramento.
  • Co-hosted a forum with California Forward on “Dialogue on Governmental Reforms and Empowering Community Government.”

In Sustainability/Environment, NBLC:

  • Co-chairs the Bay Area Water Forum which shares information about Bay Area’s water, wastewater, flood control, greywater, recycling, conservation and integrated management with elected officials, governmental staff, and business, environmental and community leaders.
  • Serves on the Bay Area Wetlands Restoration Authority Advisory Committee to help protect and acquire wetlands around the Bay.
  • Partners with other business organizations on water policy and sustainability.
  • Supports AB32, opposed Prop 23, and continues to fight climate change.
  • Advocates for environmental stewardship – its members have collectively installed more than 10 megawatts of solar, geothermal, Bloom Boxes or other alternative energy systems, reduced energy and water consumption, encouraged car and van pooling, had company cleanup days for beaches, parks and open space, and much more.

Connecting to the Community, NBLC:

  • Produces North Bay Policy Watch, a e-newsletter discussing topical news concerning the issues of importance about public policy priorities, NBLC members and events.
  • Broadcasts information via its blog and social media, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
  • Pens Opinion Pieces for the local newspapers.
  • Speaks at many conferences and events in the North Bay.

NBLC Fosters Partnerships, Collaborations, and Participates within:

  • Bay Area Water Forum
  • Bay Area Business Coalition
  • Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute, Executive Committee
  • BAC’s Early Child Programs Water, Health Care and Transportation/Land Use Committees
  • Dominican University’s Business Advisory Council
  • Healthy Marin Partnership
  • Keep Marin Working
  • Marin Schools to Career Partnership
  • North Bay iHub Board of Directors
  • REAL Coalition
  • San Francisco Bay Wetlands Restoration Authority Advisory Committee
  • Santa Rosa Economic Competitiveness Committee
  • Santa Rosa Gang Prevention/Intervention Task Force
  • Sonoma County Business Consortium
  • Sonoma County First Five Commission
  • Sonoma County Innovation Action Council
  • Sonoma Health Action Council
  • Sonoma County Office of Education’s Aiming High
  • Sonoma County Partnership for Children
  • United Way’s Schools of Hope project