Upholding of the ACA brings much need Certainty

NBLC welcomes the decision by the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act.  It is a relief to have some of the uncertainty removed about implementing this law, so that employers may now better plan for their organization’s future.  While we acknowledge and applaud this effort to contain the crippling cost of health care, NBLC recognized that there is still much to be done to contain costs and improve the value of the health care system.  The ACA puts us on a better path that will allow millions of people to obtain health care regardless of pre-existing conditions and/or inability to afford insurance.  A healthier  population will help our economy grow and our workforce to be more productive.  NBLC now turns it focus on successful implementation, especially in ensuring the California Health Benefits Exchange, a new marketplace launching in 2014 for businesses and consumers to purchase health insurance, fulfills its purpose of providing a competitive marketplace.  Health insurance premiums increased about 113 percent over the past 10 years, fueling the demand for reform.  NBLC hopes that the ACA leads to more predictable and affordable costs, puts the U.S. on a more globally competitive footing, and results in better quality health care for all Americans.

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