PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS SURVEY: What help are businesses getting? What help do businesses need?

The business councils and chambers in Marin County asks that you complete the short survey linked to below.  We are trying to assess how the businesses in Marin are faring, what kind of help they have received and what additional help do they need.  Armed with this data, we hope to have more fuel to lobby for more relief funds and other assistance to help Marin businesses weather the storm of the pandemic, recession and natural disasters.  Thank you for sharing this information which will be kept anonymous.  In strategizing the best way forward, the more we know of how you are doing the more we hope to advocate on your behalf.  We are eager to gather this data in anticipation of new funding become available from the Federal government shortly.

Please see the links/QR Codes to the survey in both English and Spanish.














Thank you!  We appreciate your prompt response.  Please let me know if you have any questions.