North Bay Leadership Council Endorsements

North Bay Leadership Council is proud to make the following endorsements for November 2014 election:

Santa Rosa City Council: 

Tom Schwedhelm

John Sawyer

Ashle Crocker

Petaluma Mayor:

Mike Harris

Petaluma City Council:

Chris Albertson

Dave King

Rohnert Park:

Amy Ahanotu

Pam Stafford

Santa Rosa Junior College Board

Bob Burdo

Don Zumwalt

Kathleen Doyle

Napa City Council: 

Juliana Inman

Peter Mott

Previously endorsed in primary:

James Gore for Sonoma County Supervisor – District 4

Mike McGuire for State Senate – District 2

Marc Levine for Assembly – District 10

Bill Dodd for Assembly – District 4

Ballot Measures

Sonoma County Measure  H (Santa Rosa Junior College Bond) – SUPPORT

County of Marin Measure A (MERA parcel tax measure)  — SUPPORT

Prop 1 (State Water Bond)  — SUPPORT

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