The Buck Institute is excited to offer Lifelong Learning courses on the Biology of Aging

The Buck Institute is excited to offer our  Lifelong Learning course on the Biology of Aging. This course is intended for a non-scientific audience to get the inside scoop on the exciting science going on at the Buck and in labs across the world. We will meet weekly online using Zoom for lectures and discussions with experts from across the institute. The zoom links will be sent to you via email once you are registered and before each session.

Session 1: Thursday, April 15
Past, Present, and Future of Aging Research
Instructed by Gordon Lithgow, PhD; Buck Faculty

Session 2: Monday, April 19

Basic Biology Refresher
Instructed by Bijoya Sen, PhD

Session 3: Wednesday, April 21

Biologic Basis of Aging
Instructed by Bijoya Sen, PhD and Mark Watson, PhD

Session 4: Monday, April 26

Age-Related Diseases
Instructed by Mark Watson, PhD

Session 5: Wednesday, April 28

Moving Aging Research Toward Clinical Applications
Instructed by John Newman, MD, PhD; Buck Faculty

Session 6: Monday, May 3

Science and Aging in the Media
Instructed by Kris Rebillot, Director of Communications