The Buck Institute for Research on Aging’s Brain Health Registry

The dedicated scientists at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging have partnered with expert aging researchers at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to offer you the opportunity to personally contribute to aging research by joining the Brain Health Registry (BHR).

The BHR is a free, internet-based research study led by researchers at UCSF aimed at aiding the discovery of age-related brain changes and disorders through an improved understanding of the aging process. Through research partnerships such as with the Buck Institute, the UCSF BHR is able to join together experts in different fields in order to create cutting-edge research programs. If you choose to join BHR, you will be asked to answer questions about yourself and take online brain tests. Participation is completely voluntary and entirely online. All information entered in the Brain Health Registry is secure and privacy is protected under UCSF policy.

As a BHR member, you not only directly contribute to researchers’ understanding of the human brain as it ages and changes, but also have the option to learn about additional research opportunities, such as clinical trials or at-home testing. Furthermore, as a member of the BHR, you have the unique opportunity to provide valuable information that will promote future discoveries in aging research by uniting researchers at both the Buck Institute and UCSF.

Let’s get started

• Already a BHR participant? You don’t need to register again. Instead, please click “I Already Have an Account”, located in the top right of your screen.

• Have someone who can answer questions about you? They can participate too! Once you join BHR, there will be the opportunity to invite someone to join the BHR Study Partner Portal. This allows you and another to work together to create an even better picture of your brain health!