Star Staffing to Host Talent Summit: The Future of Work

About this Event

You’re only as great as the talent you hire. Getting the right talent with the right skills in the right positions requires strategy and innovation. Help your organization maintain a competitive advantage by gaining the tools and resources you need to enhance your talent and HR strategy.

2020 Speaker Lineup

Katrina Kibben, Three Ears Media – Personalization in the Age of Automation

We’re in the age of the machines. We are now using voice assistants, chatbots, recruiting machine learning technologies, and so much more in our daily lives. You’d think that all these things would make recruiting easier, right? Of course! However, out-of-the-box machine automation doesn’t make our lives easier. In fact, it speeds up a terrible experience that makes candidates feel ignored and unimportant. In this session, Katrina will teach you practical ways to make the most of simple automated interactions to create a candidate experience that is helpful, but most importantly, human.

You will learn:

  • How to utilize automation without losing the human touch
  • Strategies to stand out in the hiring process
  • How to create candidates who will become your best brand ambassadors
  • Tips to customize your message and reach the right audience

Alison Crawford, Uber – Diversity and Inclusion: Rethinking your Recruitment Strategy

Most HR Leaders know that a diverse team brings more creativity, innovation, and ultimately, more results. It makes sense that different perspectives and backgrounds on a team contribute to newer and more diverse ideas to solve challenges and propel innovation. But, the topic of diversity and inclusion goes beyond just business results and performance… and, it doesn’t happen on its own. It is important for companies to actively seek and recruit candidates from a variety of backgrounds to ensure they’re not inadvertently creating an identical workforce.

Alison will help you connect the dots to bridge the gap between a diverse workforce and one that is all-inclusive. You will gain strategies and insights needed to reduce bias, shift exclusive workplace habits, and transform workplace culture to create a better, more productive workplace environment.

You will learn:

  • Strategies to attract a diverse workforce
  • How to develop Employee Resource Groups that support the 4Cs of all types of organizations [culture, careers, commerce, and community]
  • Benefits of blind screenings and implementation of the Rooney Rule

Heather Bussing, Employment Lawyer & Analyst at HR Examiner – How to Effectively Use Your HR Data

The quality of your data matters more than ever…. so, make it count! The subject is inescapable and is changing the operations of almost every industry — from hospitality, to healthcare, and even to HR. Continuing advances in HR technology mean that HR data analytics are only going to get more useful, sophisticated, and universal.

All technology solutions, even Artificial Intelligence (AI), are created by humans. Thus, AI has the potential to be influenced and impacted by human biases. Solutions designed to produce bias-free outcomes in HR processes like hiring or compensation need to continuously be evaluated to ensure that these outcomes are, in fact, being attained. Heather Bussing, Employment Attorney, works in the thick of risk management focusing on biases around the use of HR technology. She will explore the issues associated with technology and the way it can either perpetuate or help reduce bias.

You will learn:

  • What data to track and why
  • How to use data to improve engagement and retention
  • How data can uncover compliance issues such as bias and sexual harassment
  • How to talk with C-Suite about bias and technology
  • What to do when technology that is supposed to eliminate bias actually makes it worse


Margaret Graziano, KeenAlignment – Elevate the Effectiveness of Your HR Team

The 21st Century workforce presents a unique set of challenges to HR managers and leaders. You’re called upon to lead multiple generations of people with diverse backgrounds, values, work ethics, and perspectives when it comes to how they do their job. Statistically, over 70% of your workforce may be burned out, disengaged, and doubtful of their own ability to contribute in a way that matters.

As a leader in HR, you need to be able to address these challenges, remove obstacles, and initiate changes that improve the employee experience, increase engagement, and optimize your workforce. At the same time, you need to convince executives that your initiatives have the power to not only increase employee engagement but to increase customer satisfaction and net profits as well.

You will learn:

  • How to create a crystalized vision of an empowered career in strategic HR
  • Strategies: to identify and remove obstacles within your organization; and, to introduce initiatives that increase employee productivity and profit
  • How to develop communication skills that will gain buy-in, inspire people to take positive action, and make the Executives pay attention
  • Steps to determine which priorities will give you the greatest return on your investment of time and energy
  • The difference between culture and climate — and how each impacts the employee experience and your authority as a leader