Star Staffing Presents – HR Summit: Building a Great Company Culture

We surveyed hundreds of CEOs and the top two hottest topics in the boardroom currently facing companies are hiring and culture. In this half-day virtual conference, we will discuss how to create a culture that inspires innovation, high-performance, and values in an era of fierce competition, remote working, and constant exposure to challenges and injustices.

From the environmental crisis, human rights violations, institutionalized racism, sexual violence, to the rising threats to our democracy, it has left even the most optimistic individuals feeling uncertain, powerless, and overwhelmed. Human Resource leaders are on the frontlines so having the right tools is critical.


• How to address emotions head-on while incorporating self-care and community-care into your HR strategy.

• How to create space for people to discuss their feelings of overwhelm and fatigue, and equipt them with tools to stay engaged.

• How to build your unique competitive advantage to attract and retain talent.

• How to communicate company values, get employee buy-in to make the values actionable.

• How to become an inclusive leader – a key skill to create a thriving organization.

• Top Diversity, Equity, Inclusion trends, and recommendations for 2021.

• And More!