Sonoma State University Starts #Nomacares Intiative

hen the recent fires struck Sonoma County, thousands of students, faculty and staff were personally affected. Many were forced out of their homes, including students on campus who were temporarily relocated from the residence halls. Others lost loved ones, were injured or had their houses burned. Nearly all of us know someone who was struck by this tragedy.

Now we’re asking Noma Nation to help.

Get involved by donating to a special fund that will provide direct assistance to the many victims at Sonoma State University. You can also find ways to help through the Noma Needs Facebook group, by providing things like rides, temporary housing, or other assistance.

The fires knocked us down. But we’re back up, and we’re working hard to help those who need it.


See below for a list of FAQs, latest updates, resources and other ways to get involved.