Sonoma Raceway Opens 50 Acres Campground to Evacuees

Sonoma Raceway has opened its 50 Acres campground to evacuees seeking temporary refuge from the Northern California fires.

The raceway, which is equipped to handle up to 2,000 campers during its major event weekends, is available for tent and RV campers in need of temporary shelter. The 50 Acres campground is located directly across from the raceway on Highway 121 and has not been affected by the fires. The raceway will follow COVID-19 safety protocols during evacuation shelter procedures, including mandatory face coverings and social distancing.

Evacuees seeking RV or tent camping at Sonoma Raceway should enter the campground at Gate 6 on Highway 121, a quarter-mile north of Hwy 37. The raceway will team up with United Site Services to offer basic services to campers during their stay. RV water and sewage service will also be available for purchase. The campground is dry with no hookups; open-flame, open-pit campfires and charcoal barbecues are prohibited. Donations from the general public are not being accepted at this time.

For on-site assistance or directions, visit the Sonoma Raceway front gate at 29355 Arnold Dr. in Sonoma. For more information, contact Sonoma Raceway at 800-870-7223 or email