North Bay Science Discovery Day Features Two Leading Sponsors Keysight and Ultragenyx

Sponsor Feature: Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies sustains its longtime support as a sponsor and exhibitor at the North Bay Science Discovery Day! We thank Keysight Technologies for a generous financial donation as a Platinum sponsor!

As a company, Keysight Technologies designs, tests, and manufactures electronics equipment and software, including oscilloscopes, meters, and generators. Keysight is involved in research the next generation of cellular, 6G!

As an exhibitor, Keysight Technology employees provide hands-on activities for youth to explore questions, including:

  • How does a cell phone work?
  • How does a generator make electricity?
  • How does a pendulum demonstrate mathematics?

In 2021, Medtronic provided several virtual sessions (recorded), including music and math and periodic motions.

In October 2021, Keysight Technologies sponsored a drop test challenge involving creating and distributing scorable, portable, and recyclable drop tests. Using recycled and recyclable materials, student teams competed to see who could package the egg – in an eco-friendly easter egg with five pennies inside – in a way that it would survive a two-story drop. The program was supported by the Career and Technical Education Foundation and Sonoma County’s Economic Development Board. Read more.

Sponsor Feature: Ultragenyx

We thank Ultragenyx for a generous financial donation as a Platinum sponsor!

Ultragenyx Technologies brings novel therapies to patients with serious rare and ultra-rare genetic diseases. They target multiple therapeutic areas: endocrine/bone diseases, metabolic diseases, and central nervous system (CNS)/muscle diseases.