North Bay Business Journal Wins 6 Awards in California Journalism Contest

The North Bay Business Journal, which covers the entire six-county North Bay region, captured a half-dozen awards in the California News Publishers Association’s 2020 contest.

Those include three honors for Jeff Quackenbush, staff writer and interactive editor. In the “Coverage of Business News” category, Quackenbush took third place for his story about wine businesses’ worries about smoke taint during harvest.

Quackenbush also earned a fourth place “Writing” award for his story about Nataliya Anon, a Soviet citizen whose early entrepreneurial drive led her to become the CEO of a Marin-based global software company.

And under the “Coverage of COVID-19 Pandemic: Profiles” banner, Quackenbush took fifth place for his piece about how small wineries were taking on the task of reopening.

Staff Writer Susan Wood captured a fifth-place honor for her story about how bookstores were coping with the coronavirus in the “Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Fallout” category.

Two awards went to staff writer Cheryl Sarfaty under categories related to the pandemic. She took second place under “Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Profiles” for her story about how Napa Nuts CEO Bonnie Miluso leads the family nut business with finesse and legal chops.

Sarfaty also won third place for her health care story about how dentists were facing the impact of the coronavirus in the “Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Health Reporting” category.