Nelson’s Finance Chief Wins North Bay CFO Award

Joe Prusko, senior vice president and chief financial officer for the Sonoma-based company, urges people coming up in the industry to “take advantage of every networking opportunity you have.” He is a 2021 winner of the Business Journal’s eighth annual North Bay CFO Awards.

Personally, what changed about the approach to your job that’s related to the experience of working over that past year or so?

I have worked 100% remotely from the start of the pandemic and my productivity and effectiveness improved. Nelson is a decentralized company, which helps to facilitate this.

What advice would you give to young emerging financial leaders?

Take advantage of every networking opportunity you have. Get to know your peers in your industry with other companies. Start to develop your story and the path you want it to go down.

What is your most memorable business experience?

Sourcing an acquisition target in Mexico City and completing that acquisition successfully and completing the sale of a Nelson subsidiary earlier this year.

Quick takes

Most disliked buzzword in your industry: Bean counters; headhunters

Stress relievers: Spending time at Lake Tahoe

Favorite activities outside work: Wine tasting

Is there anything we may have missed that you would like to add?

The support I receive from my wife and son have been very instrumental in the success in my career. I would not have accomplished as much as I have without their unending love and encouragement