Kaiser Permanente Will Continue Care for Transgender People Even If Federal Requirements Are Removed

Kaiser Permanente has joined more than 50 other major companies and organizations by signing a statement in support of transgender equality. The statement is in response to a recent report that the Department of Health and Human Services is considering limiting the definition of gender under the existing nondiscrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act.

In signing the statement of support, Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Bernard J. Tyson confirmed, “Regardless of any change to the ACA nondiscrimination provision, Kaiser Permanente will maintain our current services and protections for our transgender members. We will also remain firm in our expectations of mutual respect, dignity and cultural understanding across our workforce, for each other, and for our members, customers and the communities we serve.”

Kaiser Permanente is a nationally recognized leader in LGBTQ health care equality, providing full spectrum medical, surgical and mental health care to our transgender patients and members. We are proud to offer gender-affirming services that ensure respectful, equitable, and inclusive care to all of our transgender and gender non-conforming patients and members everywhere that we deliver care.