Kaiser Permanente Gives $8 Million to Fire Recovery Efforts

One year after the Tubbs fire destroyed 5,300 homes (40 percent of which were low income), Kaiser Permanente has affirmed its commitment to Santa Rosa’s long-term recovery project, giving nearly $8 million in grant funding year to date. Our commitment stems from a core belief that we are more than a health system – we care about the Total Health of the communities we serve. Kaiser Permanente funded 21 projects with local organizations trusted by these communities to improve the Total Health of those most affected by the fires.

When the fires happened, Kaiser Permanente immediately made a National decision to actively participate in the recovery and quickly deployed resources to our members and employees. Since then, we have devoted external resources to the Red Cross and focused rapid grant funding to reach our most vulnerable residents, especially those unable to go to FEMA or other government agencies for financial support.

Kaiser Permanente Northern California has dedicated a Regional Community Benefit team member to support this effort at the local level and has developed a framework to drive the 5- to 10-year recovery strategy. Funding has been prioritized to address access to healthcare/mental health; economic security; community infrastructure; and housing.

“This support wraps under our National, Regional and local community health strategy where we have prioritized investing in the health of the communities we serve at the neighborhood level,” says Alena Wall, Regional Community Benefit Manager. “Basic needs, such as housing and education, are critical to the long-term health and viability of our community.”