Kaiser Permanente Funds Park Improvements in Roseland

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma has been awarded a grant in the amount of $75,000 from Kaiser Permanente to perform physical improvements to Roseland Elementary School’s community park facilities. The school will offer programs designed to encourage Roseland area residents to use the park.

“At Kaiser Permanente, we understand that the communities where people live, work or go to school — in some cases down to neighborhood block — plays an important role in health,” says Alena Wall, Regional Community Benefit Manager. “That’s why we have awarded a recent grant to Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County to improve the conditions for the Total Health of the Roseland community.”

Community Action Partnership’s Director of Community Engagement, Vince Harper, adds “We, at Community Action are thrilled to partner with Kaiser Permanente, Roseland Elementary School and Roseland Community Building Initiative resident leaders to build community. Together, we are creating a vital place-based resource for the Roseland neighborhood. The funding from Kaiser Permanente is helping make the dream of a healthy community come true.”

This funding elevates the work of the Roseland Health Action Chapter, a group of resident-leaders, who recently approached Kaiser Permanente with a vision for enhancing the public space at Roseland Elementary School. The school’s park and play area is used during the school day and becomes a community space on weekday evenings, weekends and summers for children, teen, families and other community members. The group of resident leaders hopes to further promote use by the neighborhood children and families.

“Kaiser Permanente’s vision is to support Total Health by establishing safe public spaces in high-need communities,” Alena adds. “Our goals include increasing physical activity, supporting mental health and wellness, promoting community safety, and ultimately building community resilience, which means becoming strong together and providing support for each other.”