Catholic Charities Children’s Resource Manager Offers Children Education and Fun During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic began, Toni Abraham, Children’s Resources Manager at Catholic Charities, has been a leader for the children residing at the Catholic Charities Family Support Center. In all matters pertaining to children’s enrichment, Toni stands tall for the children who are at risk. Throughout the public health emergency, Toni has continued her role as a mentor, tutor, counselor, and friend to children whose education has been significantly disrupted. In addition to attending to educational needs, Toni hid Easter Eggs across the across the Support Center’s community garden for the children to find. Following social distancing guidelines, only one family was allowed to enter the garden at a time. After the egg hunt, children were individually given the chance to garden with their parents. Thank you, Toni, for your dedication and kindness to our community’s vulnerable children and their families.