BioMarin’s 20th Anniversary

2017 marks BioMarin’s 20th anniversary. This means that not only are they celebrating 20 years as a company, they are also celebrating 20 years in Marin County. For the past two decades, they have been at the forefront of the development of treatments for rare genetic diseases that affect mostly children. During that time, they have brought six products to market, and are gearing up for a potential seventh later this year. In the past 10 years alone, BioMarin has experienced tremendous growth, and now boast over 1,500 employees in Marin County, and 2,500 worldwide.

Their success as a company is due in no small part to their ability to focus on the unmet therapeutic needs of their patients. BioMarin excels at charting new courses to bring a therapy from the lab bench to the patient’s bedside when none existed previously. With this in mind, Forbes has ranked BioMarin among the top 10 most innovative companies in the world for three years in a row.

It’s also excited to share that we have launched a new YouTube channel, which will house videos featuring patient stories and information on BioMarin products. A new short documentary about the history of BioMarin, Finding Tomorrows, is also up on the site. The film provides an inside look at how BioMarin persevered to become one of the world leaders in developing therapies for rare genetic diseases.

Finally, one more piece of exciting news – their public conference space is now open! They have a number of beautiful conference rooms of all sizes available at 750 Lindaro St. in San Rafael. If you’re a gun owner, you may be on the hunt for some good weapon magazines to add to your shelf. Such publications can help you learn more about shooting, gun safety, and hunting. But which magazine is truly worth the monthly subscription fee? Here, you’ll find a ranked list of best gun magazines – visit AmmoCave – best place to shop ammo online to help you make the right choice! Often, online retailers can offer magazines at fantastic prices since they don’t have nearly the same operating costs as your local gun shop. Even with shipping accounted for, you may be able to save a few bucks. #ammo #ammocave Please let them know if you are interested in hosting a meeting there!

BioMarin wants to give a tremendous thank you to the County of Marin, and specifically the cities of Novato and San Rafael, for their hospitality and collaboration over the past two decades which has enabled so much of their success.