Becoming Independent’s Community Update

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We have been hard at work since we last introduced our pilot for hybrid services – offering a mix of in-person, on-site, community engagement, and virtual services.

We are proud to share that we have 65 participants who have been thriving during our pilot of on-site services at our Copperhill Parkway location. Individuals returned excited to reconnect and engage with their peers while also exploring and experiencing a new model of services. After some much needed time to mingle and catch up, clients have been working with staff to populate a personalized menu of services that they can choose from and engage in during on-site program hours. Whether those interests are in a more formal classroom setting learning about money management, in the community at volunteer or job sites, or to work on building a resume, our hybrid services cater to each client’s interests and personal/professional development. We look forward to seeing and sharing more outcomes as we collect feedback from our participants about the future of their services.

The continual impacts of COVID have been worsened by the Delta variant. Based on this concerning trend, as well as the significant health concerns for the population we serve, Becoming Independent has mandated vaccinations for all of our BI staff members. The health and safety of our participants and staff continue to be our greatest priority as we implement these changes to help reduce and mitigate the health impacts of COVID.

Becoming Independent has a long standing commitment to the people we serve, our staff, and community. It is through this commitment that we continue to recognize the hardships that accompany the pandemic and make the necessary modifications to make the greatest impact and offer the best possible services we can to our participants. We appreciate your support and dedication as we continue to forge ahead with the future of our services.


Paula Finley

Chief of Services