Arrow Benefits Group Strengthens Employee Benefits Capabilities with New Partnership

Arrow Benefits Group (ABG), one of the largest benefits firms in the North Bay, announced a partnership with Aita and Associates, Inc., a highly respected insurance firm headquartered in Sebastopol, Ca. for over 35 years. This consolidation will allow the Aita team to build on its reputation of commitment to local community, personal attention to clients, and advocacy excellence in the benefits insurance industry. The union serves to further strengthen ABG’s assets and ties to the local community.

Says company co-owner Bob Aita, “We have always been intensely client focused, and this partnership — and the culture and autonomous leadership at Arrow Benefits — will allow our team to continue their efforts in that same manner. For us, it also means we’ll have access to additional exceptional top resources to serve our clients. ABG’s level of integrity, respect for team members and how and where they perform their responsibilities, along with a real understanding and acceptance of how Aita does business, allows our legacy of excellence to be continued as part of Arrow.”

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The Aita team of experts each bring to the accord a wide breadth of experience and dedication to highly hands-on personalized service, guidance for benefits, and an intimate knowledge of the Benefits, HR, and Compliance worlds. They will continue this high level of service and consultation. The combination of these two long-term industry leaders and both their shared connections with well-respected agencies and long-term relationships with carriers is a winning combination. With ABG’s developed resources, the Aita team will continue to deliver the same level of service to existing clients while also freeing up time to prospect for and market to prospective clients. The talented Aita team includes:

  • Bob Aita – Senior Benefits Consultant
  • Jessica Dominik – Senior Account Manager
  • Linda Rivera – Senior Account Manager, Compliance Officer and H.R. Consultant
  • Stephanie Pavlos – Account Manager

“We are excited about bringing the Aita team into Arrow Benefits Group,” says Joe Genovese, CEO & Managing Principal. “Their long-standing reputation for exceptional service, high level of expertise, and a personal touch that goes well beyond simply serving the client is a great compliment to the increasing capabilities at ABG. We are extremely proud to welcome the A&A team.”

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