NBLC Calls for Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to be Selected by the Presidio Trust

NBLC supports the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, proposed by George Lucas, to be the choice of the Presidio Trust.  The Museum is one of the three finalists for the former commissary site at the Presidio.  Mr. Lucas’ proposal includes building a $250 million Beaux-Arts-style museum that would house his $1 billion personal collection of artworks.  The proposed 93,000 square foot museum, designed by the Urban Design Group, would have five galleries filled with Lucas’ collection, including a permanent collection, traveling exhibitions from around the world and one room dedicated to cutting edge digital arts.  The building would house a theater, lecture hall, café and gift shop.  The proposal comes with a pledge of $700 million of Mr. Lucas’ own money and has been endorsed by Mayor Ed Lee.

The two competitors offer no funding nor do they have anywhere near the same level of public adoration as does Mr. Lucas and his films, notably the Star Wars Triology.  The second proposal, according to the San Francisco Business Times, is “The Bridge/Sustainability Institute from WRNS Studio and the Chora group, they would build an interactive research center for sustainable practices that would resemble a sort of modern science fair.  The last proposal is by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy to build a ‘cultural center’ that offers cooking classes, film festivals, interactive art installations, as well as educational workshops and youth summits.”

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum will be one of the most beautiful buildings in San Francisco and the building and the art it contains will create a magnet for visitors from around the world.  As George Lucas has graced the Bay Area with his presence and creativity for decades, bucking the trend to locate his company in southern California, it would be a travesty for his museum to not be located in San Francisco.

The decision by the Presidio Trust about which proposal to select is drawing near. Please join NBLC and other supporters in endorsing the project and advocating on its behalf to the Presidio Trust.  The Trust is taking public comments now on their website and will hold a public hearing on October 24 with the goal of selecting the final bidder by November.

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