Dutra Asphalt Plant Approval Upheld by Court

NBLC is very pleased that the Dutra Asphalt Plant approval has been upheld by Judge Chocteau.  The Judge dismissed all of the opponent’s claims recognizing that the Dutra asphalt plant meets planning and environmental requirements as was detailed by Sonoma County Counsel and Planning staff during the approval process.  This is a vindication for the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and a well deserved ruling in favor of the Dutra project which leap through hoops to gain the approval. It is a victory for the North Bay as we will now see more jobs created, more infrastructure projects underway, and lower costs to the taxpayers because the asphalt plant is nearby.  Congratulations also go to Les Perry of Perry, Johnson, Anderson, Miller & Moscowitz LLP for representing the Dutras in court and winning the case.

As a neighbor of the Dutra asphalt plant, NBLC welcomes them to the neighborhood!

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