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Side By Side

The young people that they serve already face difficult challenges in their day-to-day lives and the uncertainties presented by the COVID-19 outbreak are additional hurdles that they didn’t need. Many of their clients come from underprivileged homes who live paycheck to paycheck and are dependent on service sector jobs that may be impacted by the social distancing policies now in place.

Their clinicians and youth advocates will continue to provide counseling and link their clients to the resources that they need to stay safe and healthy. Their teachers at the Irene M. Hunt School will oversee distance learning and therapeutic services for their students. Side by Side will always be with the youth they serve through every adversity.

North Bay Children’s Center 

Following the recommendations of Public Health Officials and NBCC School partners, all 13 NBCC locations closed their regular on-site school service operations as of 3/16/20. NBCC continues to pay teachers who are working from home, performing tasks to actively engage with families, providing early learning activities remotely, and connecting parents to food and basic need resources. NBCC is working in both counties with the EOC to provide emergency child care for health care first responders. Following the CDC/EOC guidelines, NBCC is providing “pop-up” child care for 36 infants and toddlers in Marin and 24 preschoolers in Sonoma.  To put that in perspective, normal operations serve more than 680 families across the region. In addition, NBCC operates a Saturday Food Pantry at its 934 C St. Novato location from 8-8:45am. Families in need of food, are welcome to pick up essentials without requiring documentation or prior approval to receive food.

Each year NBCC must raise $700K to fund the operating gap between their earned income and actual cost of care. Of that $700K roughly 10% comes from the corporate community. Support from local businesses has never been more important as they seek contributions to ensure NBCC’s vital services will be available once the shelter in place order is lifted.  They truly appreciate every philanthropic dollar that can come their way.

Becoming Independent

As we find ourselves collectively adjusting to these unprecedented times, here at BI we find reassurance remembering that our strength lies in our ability to creatively and effectively adapt. Like the people we support, BI is resilient, and though we would prefer not to be navigating these uncharted waters, we are prepared for the challenge. Since the “Shelter in Place” mandate, Becoming Independent has been working diligently to find ways to continue to support the 1,000+ individuals who regularly rely on our services by doing just that – adapting and evolving.

Donate to Becoming Independent and help support our vital services for individuals in need. Your support and generosity will help to ensure certainty in these uncertain times. 

Santa Rosa Junior College

This situation has a major impact on SRJC students beyond academics. In addition to missing important classes and valuable learning opportunities, many students will miss work and suffer financial challenges. Some will not have access to food, shelter, medical and mental health care, childcare, and other support resources and services that SRJC normally provides. Many students are already working multiple jobs just to afford the high cost of living in Sonoma County. Now they are facing additional financial hardship as businesses close, forcing them to do without regular income.

Your help can make all the difference. Make a gift to the SRJC Crisis Response Fund today. This fund will support the most vulnerable students by providing grants and scholarships that will help them get through these difficult days. Working with their college partners, students will have access to funds to help pay rent, buy food, and support their families as they go without work or access to important services.

College of Marin

The College of Marin students will be similarly impacted by the Coronavirus. Just as stated above many students will be facing financial hardships and could use your support.

Catholic Charities of Santa Rosa

In response to this unfolding crisis, they are launching the Essential Services Fund.

With this fund, they will be able to provide expanded services including:

  • Food access for people who are facing hunger due to COVID-19
  • Financial assistance for people who are at risk of losing housing due to COVID-19
  • Safe and sanitary shelters and permanent supportive housing with newly expanded health precautions in place
  • Services for people over 65 who are experiencing isolation

To adapt their existing services and respond to urgent new needs, they’ll need significant additional resources.

Catholic Charities of Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo

During this unprecedented time of Coronavirus and with the shelter-in-place order, the needs in our community and our challenges are greater than ever. Our Catholic Charities programs and services are critical and essential.

Their teams are on the front lines, bravely and tirelessly supporting those in our community who are most vulnerable and at-risk. Our essential services include housing and caring for people with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses. They support aging adults, adults with disabilities, and immigrants. They provide food and care to seniors and families experiencing homelessness. And give safe harbor and resources to children who have experienced trauma.

These programs remain open and their dedicated employees continue to care for our neighbors in accordance with all the safety measures to keep them and those being served safe.

Like never before, they need your support. Please give today to help ensure we can meet the needs of our community.


Dominican is sharing medical supplies to Marin County Office of Emergency Services (750 N-95 masks, 1000 sterile tubes for COVID-19 testing). They are seeking gifts to the Dominican Angel Fund, which supports emergency needs of students (travel funds to get home, laptop purchase for our move to online education, any non-tuition need that arises). People can make a gift here.

Redwood Empire Food Bank

You can help feed our neighbors in need during these difficult times. Donate now! 

In order to help combat hardships brought on by COVID-19, the Redwood Empire Food Bank has activated Station 3990, their disaster relief program. As part of this activation, they have partnered with Santa Rosa City Schools to initiate drive-thru food distributions at 13 schools across Sonoma County. At these distributions, the schools will provide meals for the children, while the Redwood Empire Food Bank will supply groceries for their families to take home.

If there’s a hungry child at home, you can be sure there is also a hungry family. These 13 drive-thru school distribution sites are an extension of the school lunch program — redesigned to help the entire family in addition to the child. For many low-income children, their school meal is the only meal they’ll get all day. Once again, Station 3990 enables the Redwood Empire Food Bank to do even more. яндекс

Canine Companions for Independence

Disability doesn’t vanish in times of crisis – the life-changing work of Canine Companions® exceptional assistance dogs must continue.

While all six of Canine Companions’ training centers are closed during these challenging times, our assistance dogs are being trained remotely, virtual puppy classes are being held, fundraising efforts continue, and we are working with clients to transition their placement trainings to web-based instruction.

We are confident in our ability to work and advance our mission; however, support from our community is greatly needed.

The majority of our graduates are being isolated right now and have compromised immune systems. Many cannot receive assistance from others. Our graduates rely on their assistance dogs to: retrieve a cell phone to make important phone calls, pick up the remote so they watch the news, pull open the refrigerator door so they can prepare a meal, and so much more. Our expertly trained assistance dogs are making a difference every day.

We must move our mission forward. There are over 400 people waiting to be matched with a Canine Companions assistance dog.

We are counting on you to keep our operations going. Now more than ever, we need your support.

Another great way to support your favorite business during this extraordinary time is to buy gift certificates to be used at a future date. In particular, hotels and restaurants could use your support through gift certificates or ordering takeout. We can help each other if we work together!

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