College and Career Readiness is Key

For many employers and employees, 2013 has been their best year ever.  And yet, we have others still struggling to get out of the hole of the Great Recession.  Unemployment is down but far too many cannot find work due to the mismatch of their skills and the job requirements.  The acceleration of automation and technology replacing human capital is clear.  If it is possible for a machine to do a job, then those doing that job will lose it to a machine.  And this applies to jobs beyond manufacturing, such as management, retail, services, etc.  The future of work relies on being well-trained and educated with skills matching those of the jobs being generated.  In the North Bay, attracting and retaining skilled employees is the order of the day since we are at risk.  Why?  Because companies now go where the talent is.  All of us need to ensure that the talent is here at home so we can be economically competitive, foster innovation and sustain our economic growth.  As more Baby Boomers retire, the talent shortage will increase.  NBLC is partnering on improving college and career readiness and using collective impact to achieve our goals.  We look forward to working together to develop homegrown talent in the North Bay.  Our future depends on it!

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