April Policy Watch

April – the time of Renewal, Rebirth, and now Reset? As we work our way through the shutdown, we have time to reflect and use the pause to imagine a better world when we are on the other side of this awful pandemic. I encourage you to seek out pause-itivity (positivity) while you are home and hope this edition of Policy Watch gives you some ideas on how we can reset our lives and our work to make the next normal one that has many improvements.  While we save lives and livelihoods now by staying home, we can also lay the groundwork for fixing inequities and solving problems that seemed intractable a month ago.

I am excited about that opportunity and encouraged that we can do so much when we work collectively.  This pause can be a great time of creativity and innovation if we follow historic patterns of disruption.  It can also be another community builder where we learn that we can depend on each other and that others are willing to sacrifice so much for their community.  We have new heroes now:  all of the health care professionals on the frontlines; the essential workers who stock the shelves and ring up our groceries; the delivery people who bring what we need so we can stay safe at home; the childcare workers who take care of the essential workers’ children so they can take care of us.  And The public safety workers, the government officials, the farm workers, the restaurant cooks — the long list of so many people who have been underappreciated and underpaid who are now our saviors.

Thank you for all the people who we are counting on to get us through the shutdown.  You can count on us to follow the guidelines to stop the spread.  We may not be able to touch hands, but we are touching hearts every day. We are stronger together!

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